Grant Guidelines

The guidelines for the Nancy Graves Grants for Visual Artists established by the Board of Directors of the Foundation, are as follows:

1. Grant Guidelines:
The Nancy Graves Foundation offers two annual grants.

Applications will be solicited from nominated visual artists who wish to have the opportunity to master a technique, medium or discipline that is different from the one in which he or she is primarily recognized.

2. Application Guidelines:
Grantees must be residents of the United States, who have been working as artists for at least five years beyond his or her schooling. Grants will not be awarded to students.

Grants need not be based on specific projects. Applications will be accepted from artists working alone or who are participating in a larger project in which funding is being sought from sources other than ours. Experimentation with materials and methods is encouraged.

3. Nomination and Jury Guidelines:
Two nominators from different parts of the country will each be requested to provide the Foundation with the names and addresses of three artists who they believe meet the qualifications above and have a sincere desire to work in an area other than the one in which they already have experience.

Each of these 6 artists will receive an application to complete and return to the Foundation, if he or she chooses to participate.

A second panel of jurors will review the completed applications and select the two artists to receive the Nancy Graves Grants for Visual Artists.

Nominators and jurors will be selected by the Foundation. Directors or employees of the Foundation and their families, and applicants to the current grant cycle and their families, are not eligible to serve on either panel.

Grant Recipents 2012

Stephanie Syjuco

Gandalf Gavan

Grant Recipents 2011

Karin Lanzoni

Sarah Oppenheimer

Grant Recipients 2010

Jessica Jackson-Hutchins

Alex Olson

Grant Recipients 2009

Whitfield Lovell

Douglas Ross

Grant Recipients 2008

Willoughby Sharp

David Shaw

Arne Svenson

Grant Recipients 2007

R. M. Fischer

Robert & Shana Parke-Harrison

William Pope L.

Grant Recipients 2006

Torkwase Dyson

Suzanne McClelland

Stephen Westfall

Grant Recipients 2005

Robert Chambers

Michael Jones McKean

Gillian Jagger

Grant Recipients 2004

Xenobia Bailey

Mel Chin

Erik Levine

Grant Recipients 2003

Mary Lucier

Michael Oatman

Judy Pfaff

Grant Recipients 2002

Mark Bradford

Anna Gaskell

John Torreano

Grant Recipients 2001

Vito Acconci

James Drake

Peter Sarkisian

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